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Friday, 20 March 2020

Pm narendra modi speech on curfew|corona virus

Corona virus se sambandhit aawasyak suchna

Bhart ke pradhan pradhan mantri ke aadeshnusar. 22/03/2020. Din Raviwaar KO pure bhart me subhah 06:00 am se raat 09:00 pm tak corona se  bachne ke liye ek din ke liye curfew lagega 

Jise sabhi bhartiya KO yah aadesh KO manana hai.Aur curfew KO safal banana hai. 

Aur corona KO bhagana  hai.

Pm modi speech on curfew.........

Pm modi speech on curfew|corona viras
Corona virus

PM modi speech on curfew

22 march din raviwaar K

ko subhah 07 baje se raat 09 baje tak sabhi deshwasiyon ko janta curfew ka palan Karna hai.

Is janta curfew ke doran koi bhi nagrik gharo se bahar na nikale ,na sadak par Jayne,na mohhale me ekatthe ho,apne gharo me hi rahen , aur Jo aawasyak sewao se Jude hue ho unhe to Jana hi padega 

PM modi speech on curfew

Monday, 16 March 2020

Google's coronavirus checkup website:Everything we know about it

  • Google's coronavirus checkup website:Everything we know about it


Google has already listed out its efforts in making people aware about COVID-19 (coronavirus) when they use services like Google Search. The firm however, is doing something more than this. As the US president Donald Trump said in a press conference on Friday, Google is working on a website that will let people know if they need to get a checkup for coronavirus or not. Although Google did not confirm about this development at the moment, it did tweet an official statement later confirming that it is indeed working on such a website. So, what do we know about this upcoming Google website that is supposed to let people know if they have to visit a doctor or not? Here's what has been revealed so far.

Website is in early stages:

 was duly mentioned that the website is in its early stages and might take some time before it goes live for all the users. We can see the website going live by Monday (March 16, 2020). 

Google's sister company Verily is working on the. Coronavirus checkup website:

 This was confirmed in the tweet that clearly mentioned  from Verily' followed by "We are developing a tool to help triage individuals for Covid-19 testing."

Saturday, 14 March 2020

You tube copyright claim avoid solution 100% WOR you will try it

How to avoid you tube copyright claim solution

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Disclaimer: - 

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